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At the core of any good game is its rulebook. We believe that after providing instructions to learn to play a game, the most important role of a rulebook is to act as a reference for any questions that might arise during play. As such, we have adopted a living rulebook philosophy that supports continual improvement of the rulebook.

What does that mean?

It means that the online version of the rulebook will always be the most current version of the rules and any rules in that version supersede any printed versions of the rulebook.

How often will the rulebook get updated?

Any major changes to the rulebook (i.e. new mechanics, changes to the game framework itself) should only happen at set release.

Minor updates to game-impacting text are announced here and via other channels (Discord, Twitter, etc.)

Updates to the FAQ, additional examples to illustrate gameplay, and typographical corrections will be added on an as needed basis.